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Custom Embroidery for Pets

When most people think of custom embroidery, they tend to think about putting a corporate logo on a polo shirt, or embroidering a small business crew's work hats. However, embroidery goes well beyond shirts and hats.

While every pet wears a collar, more and more pet owners have started buying coats, shirts and sweaters for their loving companions. While it is possible to get these items in a myriad of different colors and materials, it is typically hard to really make them unique to each pet. One great way to turn a run of the mill puppy jacket into a one of a kind piece for a beloved dog or cat is to add their own personalized logo. Since most of these items are made of fabric, they are an excellent medium for embroidering.
custom embroidered dog clothing

Custom embroidery is infinitely customizable. High quality embroidery thread is available in every color of the rainbow, making it possible to embroider your kitty's design to match the hue of her eyes or the stripe on her tail. Most embroidery systems offer a vast range of fonts and styles, letting the designer embroider on the largest and smallest piece of petware to match a pet's, or their owner's, personality. A great example of this might be putting a Union Jack on a British Bulldog's jacket.

Pet owners tend to always look for ways to let their dogs and cats know how much they love them. Putting a personal touch to their shirts, jackets, or even beds (as seen above!) through custom embroidery is a great way to do it.


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