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Custom Embroidery and Your Business

There are numerous reasons to have your company logo embroidered!

Nearly every piece of clothing can have your company logo embroidered on it. Everywhere you go, clothing is decorated with a picture, a logo, a humorous statement or an advertisement. Designs either inspire thoughts of art, emotion, to remember a product, company or tell a tale.
embroidered company logo
Sporting Events or Fund Raisers

If your company sponsors an event, there is no better way to advertise your name than the use of custom embroidery to make your company noticed and long be remembered. For fund raising events involving sports, such as golf tournaments or  marathons, there are numerous pieces that can be employed with your logo.

If your employees are part of a league, the team and its company will be better remembered by the spectators if the team wears uniform shirts with the company logo and mission on it, or perhaps some of the products sold. This is a wonderful way to have great visibility for your company. And, clothes last for years. Even long after the season or the special event, the company will enjoy free advertizement in the public eye. If custom embroidery, as opposed to screen printing, is employed on the garments, then the logo and message will be in great condition for years to come.

Trade Shows

If you have ever attended a trade show either as the host or a vendor, you will well remember the free gifts in the registration bags. Various designs and numerous types of clothing can be used for giving out as thank-you gifts for the attendees taking the time to stop by your booth, or to encourage them to do so. Giving a baseball cap, a tee shirt or a cloth key ring with the logo and contact information of your company goes a long way. As silly as it sounds, many people acquire first impressions from what they find in these grab bags. The better looking the logo, the better impression of quality the receiving individual has of your company.

Company Holiday Gifts For Employees

Little gifts given around the holidays to employees show a sense of appreciation and are welcomed by the staff. Custom embroidery is not limited to clothing. It can be added to hand bags, backpacks and a myriad other items. If you choose a well-made, good quality laptop bag to give to employees, you can rest assured that it will be seen for years to come in numerous settings.



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